Government of West Bengal
Government Orders & Circulars (RECENT)
Date Memo No. Description File
20-01-2016 251-LP/1A-03/14 Memorandum - The direct purchase of land policy
04-02-2016 468-BCW/MR-209/11(Pt.) Inclusion of OBC Classes in the OBC list of West Bengal
11-01-2016 167/P&RD/O/Trg/1E-7/2015 Renaming of the State Institute of Panchayat and Rural Development, Kalyani, Nadia as "B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Panchayats & Rural Development"
26-11-2015 4683-BCW West Bengal Right to Public Service Act, 2013 - reg.
04-01-2016 27-BCW/6S-26/2015 NOTIFICATION - Executive Body of West Bengal Mangar Development Board
04-01-2016 26-BCW/6S-26/2015 NOTIFICATION - General Body of West Bengal Mangar Development Board
30-12-2015 5058-BCW/6S-26/2015 RESOLUTION - West Bengal Mangar Development Board
09-11-2015 SBCW-1293 Guidelines for Utilisation of Grant-in-aid by the Boards formed under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961
13-08-2015 3200-BCW/MR-207/14 Clarification regarding formation of SDLVMC
27-06-2012 5458-F(Y) Financial Power of the Engineers for 'Technical Sanction' and 'Tender Acceptance'.
03-03-2015 78-W(C)/1M-26/15 Memorandum - Levy of Vetting fee for checking of plans, estimates, tender papers, etc.
27-07-2015 1204-SBCW/MR-88/2014 Updated Guidelines for Issuance of OBC Certificates [ENGLISH]
25-07-2003 36033/4/97-Estt.(Res.) Validity period of OBC Certificate and verification of Community and 'non-creamy layer' status of OBC candidates
24-08-2015 3376-BCW Order regarding appointing of BCWO, Kolkata for taking hearing of Caste Certificate.
10-08-2015 752-Edn(CS)10M-95/2014 Implementation of Reservation Rules in Admission to UG/PG courses in Government-aided colleges for the Academic Session 2015-16
27-07-2015 1203-SBCW/MR-88/2014 Updated Guidelines for Issuance of SC/ST Certificates [ENGLISH]
11-06-2015 2205-BCW/MR-63/09 Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week (barring public holidays) are kept earmarked for Register of Appointment
10-04-2015 140-HF/P/PHP/1H-03/2014 Notification regarding improved health care services to all of the cirizens of the State on round the clock basis.
01-06-2015 2102-BCW/MR-209/11 Inclusion of Community in OBC list of West Bengal
16-01-2015 183-BCW ORDER - Amendment of OBC List 'Backward (Category B)' Serial No. 85
16-01-2015 182-BCW NOTIFICATION - W.B. Right to Public Service Act, 2013
10-12-2014 4286-BCW Doing away with Attestation and Affidavit - thereof
17-10-2014 2802-LP Notification related to Conversion of Forest Mouza into Revenue Mouza of Alipurduar District
29-09-2014 2699-LP Notification related to Conversion of Forest Mouza into Revenue Mouza of Jalpaiguri District
09-09-2014 2924-BCW/5B-07/13 Approval of for opening of two new scheme heads under Ambedkar Centre for Excellance
14-10-2014 3338-BCW6(M)MC-3/13(Pt.III) Notification - Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and thier Rehabilitation Act, 2013
14-10-2014 3318-BCW6(M)MC-3/13(Pt.III) Notification - Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and thier Rehabilitation Act, 2013
14-10-2014 3317-BCW6(M)MC-3/13(Pt.III) Notification - Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and thier Rehabilitation Act, 2013
29-09-2014 SBCW-927 Memorandum -- Cancellation of Order No. 3019-BCW/MR-215/08 dated 15-09-2014
16-09-2014 3058-BCW/MR-94/11 Memorandum - - Admission in School Class-VIII
15-09-2014 3047-BCW/MR-221/08(Pt.I) Clarification regarding issuance of OBC Certificate to Kalwar
15-09-2014 3024-BCW/MR-103/2014 NOTIFICATION --- West Bengal Commission for Backward Classes
11-09-2014 2976-BCW/MR-167/14 Clarification on issuing Caste Certificate to adopted children of OBC category-thereof.
05-09-2014 SBCW-906/14 Applicability/Acceptance of Caste Certificates in cases of Promotion in Services
01-09-2014 2789-BCW/3C-04/2012 Memorandum - - Cultural Committee of BCW Department
29-08-2014 2770-BCW/MR-116/12 Amendment of OBC list in West Bengal
01-09-2014 96-TDD/6S-80/13(Pt.I) Notification --- Executive Body of Tamang Development and Cultural Board
04-08-2014 2389-BCW/5E-25/2014 Order on Post Creation of PO-cum-DWO, Alipurduar
13-08-2014 2520-BCW/6M(MC)-3/13(Part-I) NOTIFICATION --- State Monitoring Committee for the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013
07-08-2014 72-TDD Memorandum --- The Scheduled Tribes and Other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006
27-06-2014 33-TDD/6S-80/13(Pt.-I) Establish a Board by the Name "Tamang Development and Cultural Board"
16-07-2014 STDD-53 Notification for General Body of Tamang Development and Cultural Board
16-07-2014 STDD-52 Notification for Executive Body of Tamang Development and Cultural Board
23-06-2014 1846-BCW/5E-53/2013 Notification of the West Bengal (Recruitment of the post of of Inspector, BCW) Rules, 2014
17-02-2014 12015/05/2011-BC-II Amendment of Central List of Other Backward Classes (OBC)
697-BCW 20-02-2014 MEMORANDUM
566-BCW 12-02-2014 District Level Committee for selection of all Data Entry Operators on Contract
286-BCW 24-01-2014 Issuance of OBC Certificates mentioning category on surrender of Old OBC Certificates - extension of time
276-BCW 22-01-2014 Order on Data Entry Operators
4139-BCW 10-12-2013 Amendments of West Bengal Tribes Advisory Council Rules, 1953
4140-BCW 10-12-2013 Amendments of West Bengal Tribes Advisory Council Rules, 1953
28-11-2013 866-Home(Cons) West Bengal Rules of Business of Department of Tribal Development
28-11-2013 865-Home(Cons) West Bengal Rules of Business of Backward Classes Welfare Department
01-11-2013 3686-BCW/5SM-12/2013 Revised Rates of Remuneration of the staff of Ashram Hostels
12-09-2013 3182-BCW/MR-127/13 Amendment of OBC List in the Serial No. 11
08-08-2013 2713-BCW/5S-03/2013 Sanction of Post for Central Hostel
07-08-2013 2709-BCW/MR-109/13 Amendment of the West Bengal Backward Classes (Other than Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) (Reservation of Vacancies in Services and Posts) Act, 2012 [Gross Annual Income of Rs.6 Lakh or above]
06-08-2013 2692-BCW/6S-73/2011 NOTIFICATION - General Body of Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board
05-08-2013 2673-BCW/6S-73/2011 NOTIFICATION - Executive Body of Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board
12-07-2013 2421-BCW/MR-61/2012(Pt.) BCW Officer, Kolkata will act as recommending authority in respect of the issuance of caste certificates for SC, ST and OBC in Kolkata
12-07-2013 2420-BCW/MR-61/2012(Pt.) Issuing authority of Caste Certificates in respect of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area by DWO Kolkata & ex-officio Joint Director, BCW
11-07-2013 2399-BCW/MR-61/2012(Pt.) Redesignate the post of District Welfare Officer, Backward Classes Welfare, Kolkata
09-06-2005 2048-LR/3M-34/05GE(M) CORRIGENDUM :: Appoint the Revenue Officer
25-04-2013 1451-BCW/6S-20/12 NOTIFICATION : Ambedkar Centre for Excellence
21-04-2005 1433-LR/3M-34/05GE(M) NOTIFICATION :: Appoint the Revenue Officer
08-06-2000 1548-L.Ref/140/2000GE(M) NOTIFICATION :: Appoint the Revenue Officer
04-06-2013 1881-BCW/6S-40/2013 Technical Vetting of Schemes under BCW Department
23-05-2013 20014/5/2002-Education Upward revision of the annual parental income ceiling under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarship for ST students w.e.f. academic session 2013-14
29-04-2013 11017/01/2008-SCD-V (Vol.III) Upward revision of the annual parental income ceiling under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarship for SC students w.e.f. academic session 2013-14
25th April, 2013 1438-BCW/6S-20/12 NOTIFICATION --- Ambedkar Centre for Excellence
4th March, 2013 783-BCW Grievance Cell
1st March, 2013 762-BCW / MR-116/12 Amendment of State OBC List
12th February, 2013 462-BCW/6S-73/2011 Establish of "Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board"
19th December, 2012 4353-BCW/6M(MC)-5/2006(I)A Noification :: State Level Monitoring Committee
    Guidelines of Scheme for the encouragement of the Inter-Caste Marriage
06th December, 2012 4169(86)-BCW/MR-84/10(Pt.-I) Instruction regarding issuance of OBC Certificates and extension of time-frame for issuance of such certificates
08th November, 2012 3870-BCW/MR-298/11 Release of Rs.26.86 Lakhs for awareness generation
06th November, 2012 3844-BCW/6S-28/12 Corrigendum
    Pre-Matric Scholarship Guidelines (State Govt.)
    Pre-Matric Scholarship Guidelines (GoI)
2nd November, 2012 3817-BCW/6S-08/12 Set up a "Kabigan Academy" at Bongaon, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
31st October, 2012 3790-BCW/5E-21/2010 Retention of 341 Addl. Inspector, BCW on contract basis for further 1 year at a consolidated pay of Rs.12,000/- per month
12th October, 2012 3675-BCW/5S-69/91 MEMORANDUM -- Management of Central Hostel for SC & ST boys and Girls and running of Kitchen thereof
10th September, 2012 845-BCW/MR-147/12 Inclusion of Sekh/Seikh Class of people in the list of OBC Category-A
04th January, 2012 115-F(P) Re-employment shall not be granted beyond the age of 65 years of age.
19th September, 2012 3326-BCW/CON-03/2008 Annual Report of the Vigilance Commission, West Bengal, 2010
23rd August, 2012 2952 Supply and Installation of Desktop Computers and accessories to 67 Sub-Divisional Officers
2nd August, 2012 2746-BCW/CON-03/2010 Pre-Cautions to be taken during issuance of Caste Certificate by Certificate Issuing Authority
    Guidelines to Police Officers Investigating Cases under SC/ST (POA) Act, 1989 & PCR Act, 1995
30th July, 2012 2668-BCW Modes of transfer of Tribal land
02nd July, 2012 2344/A-BCW/MR-108/12 NOTIFICATION --- State Scrutiny Committee
26th June, 2012 2241-BCW/5SM-10/08 Sanction of Rs.4,69,525/- for renovation / reconstruction of 04 Ashram Hostels, Uttar Dinajpur
19th June, 2012 2144-BCW/5S-02/11 Sanction of Rs.3,83,443/- for repair 02(two) Central Hostels, Murshidabad
New Delhi, the 6th August, 1984 BC-16014/1/82-SC & BCD-I In the matter of caste certificates to migrants from other States
New Delhi, the 8th January, 1990 12017/11/89-SCD(R. CELL) In the matter of caste certificates to Migrants from Bangladesh
11th May, 2012 1673-BCW/MR-209/11 Inclusion of 35 new communities in the list of OBC.
12th April, 2012 1333-BCW Appointment of Nodal Officer under PoA Act
27th March, 2012 1114-BCW/5SM-06/2011 ORDER - Cancel the G.O. No. 127 & 128
27th March, 2012 1112-BCW/6S-86/2004 Book Grant of APL Families and Special Assistance of BPL families
26th March, 2012 1090-BCW/5S/61/93 CORRIGENDUM - Principal Secretary, DGHC, Darjeeling
14th March, 2012 921-BCW/6S-06/2009 New Agency for 'Joint Entrance Examination Training Programme for SC & ST Students'
21st February, 2012 660(67)-BCW/6M-51/2011(Pt.-II) Selection and engagement of 341 'Dhakis'
30th January, 2012 413-BCW/6M-51/2011 Engagement of "Dhakis" (Drummers) one in each of 341 Blocks and 59 for Urban areas
18th January, 2012 253-BCW/5E-06/2007 Selection Committee for WBSCSTDFC
10th January, 2012 1/PAR (Vig) State Vigilance Commission
3rd January, 2011 46-BCW/5S-02/2011 Electrification of the Central Hostel attached to Michael Madhusudhan College at Kashipur and construction of pipe line for Central Hostel at Deshbandhu Road, Purulia.
8th December, 2011 4016-BCW/3C(MC)-04/07 Re-constitution of Board members of West Bengal Backward Classes Development and Finance Corporation
29th November, 2011 3909/A-BCW /MR-31/05 State-Level Vigilance and Monitoring Committee Members
14th November, 2011 3708-BCW/5E-44/2006 Engagement of Sub-Assistant Engineers on contract basis for one year at a consolidated pay Rs.10,108/- respectively.
11th November, 2011 3658-BCW/11R(MC)-10/06 Re-constitution of Board Members of West Bengal Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development and Finance Corporation.
18th October, 2011 3364-BCW/5S-14/2002 Sub-allotment of fund for maintenance of Residential Higher Secondary School for ST girls, at Belpahari, Paschim Medinipur for 2011-2012 (2nd installment)
17th October, 2011 5029-BCWDS The total sum of Rs. 155,53,66,000/- as received from the BCW Deptt. is hereby alloted to the P.O.-cum-D.W.O. / D.W.O. / B.C.W.O.s, BCW.
30th September, 2011 3257-BCW/6S(MC)-19/2011

Contingency fund to PO-cum-DWO / DWO

29th September, 2011 3247-BCW/5G-99/2011 Disbursement of Post-Matric Scholarships to the students of Nurshing Courses.
26th September, 2011 3185-BCW/8P-36/2011 Notification - Appointment of Shri Santanu Das, WBCS (Exe.) to the post of PO-cum-DWO, Paschim Medinipur, with additional charge of R.M., T.D.C.C., Jhargram, Paschim Medinipur.
21/26 September, 2011 3124-BCW/6L(MC)-04/2002 Enhance the procurement price of "Kendu" leaves to be procured by the LAMPS for the crop year 2011-12
16th September, 2011 No. 3066-BCW/6S(MC)-28/01(VIII) Recruitment Rules for appointment of Teachers in EMRS
1st September, 2011 2807-BCW/MR/-56/11 Provision of Appeal against cancellation of caste certificate - Amendment of Rule
26th July, 2011 2270-BCW/6M-30/2011 Naming of Cultural Research Institute (CRI) Office Building - 'Ambedkar Bhavan'
19th July, 2011 2177-BCW Setting up of Ambedkar Centre for Excellence
Kolkata, 19th July, 2011 2170-BCW/MR-95/11 Amendment of West Bengal Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Identification) Rules, 1995, reduction of time-frame for disposal of application for caste certificate
19th July, 2011 1262-BCW/MR-123/11 Adoption of Jelepara, Arampur under Gosaba Block
19th July, 2011 1261-BCW/MR-122/11 Adoption of Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri and Purulia
12th July, 2011 2072-BCW/6S-39/09(Pt.-II)  
11th July, 2011 2071-BCW/MR-121/11 Adoption of Jungle Mahal
Burdwan, 27th June, 2011 679-BCW/BDN Change the Address of BCWO Asansol
Kolkata, the 20th June, 2011 1813-BCW/MR-94/11 Power to issue Caste Certificate by different authorities in respect of admission to educational institutions
15th June, 2011 1736-BCW/MRD-09/02(II) MEMORANDUM : Authentication of Register of Appointments.
15th June, 2011 1734(18)-BCW/MR-88/11 Observance of the rules of reservation of the W.B. SC, ST & OBC applicable for the Govt. / Non-Govt. aided schools, colleges and other educational institutions in this State.
8th June, 2011 1677-BCW/MR-80/11 Amendment in the provisions of reservation in admission to educational institutions – relaxation of 25% cut off marks for SC & ST
1st March, 2011 50-EMP/1M-25/98 New Model 100-point roster incorporating reservation for SC, ST, OBC-A, OBC-B, EC Category, Persons with Disabilities, Ex-Servicemen and Meritorious Sportsperson
11th February, 2011 520(18)-BCW/7P-21/2011 Affidavit in the matter of Caste Certificate to be Sworn before Executive Magistrate – problems and bottlenecks arising
9th February, 2011 240(Sanction)/P/SC/6S-74/2004-Pt-II Allotment of fund towards Old Age Pension for SC
27th January, 2011 84-YS/O/1M-11/2003 Involvement of BYOs and MYOs at BDO and SDO offices in the matters of issuance of OBC Certificates.
2nd September, 2009, New Delhi 36011/3/2009-Estt. (Res.) Government of India Order on acceptance of statutory SC/ST/OBC Certificate by all appointing authorities
25th November, 2010 7003-BCW/6S/2009 Fixation of Income Ceiling for the Scheme "JOINT ENTRANCE EXAMINATION TRAINING PROGRAMME" for SC/ST Students
22nd November, 2010 6950-BCW/6M(MC)-31/08 Release of fund to SDOs & BDOs under their jurisdiction for procurement of desktop computer with other computer accessories
16th November, 2010 6888-BCW/6M(MC)-31/08 Realease of Rs. 67,60,000/- only to SDOs & BDOs for procurement of desktop computer with other computer accessories
10th November, 2010 6795(85)-BCW /MR-84/2010(pt-1) Instruction regarding issuance of O.B.C. Certificate
24th September, 2010 6320 - BCW / MR - 84 / 10 Model 100-point roster showing reserved vacancies for SC, ST, OBC Category - A & OBC Category - B.
24th September, 2010 6316 - BCW / MR - 84 / 10 Fixation of Roster points for OBC Category - A and OBC Category - B.
24th September, 2010 6312 - BCW / MR - 84 / 10 Increase in the percentage of Reservation for the OBCs in West Bengal.
24th September, 2010 6309 - BCW / MR - 84 / 10 Categorisation of OBCs notified by the Govt. of West Bengal.
24th September, 2010 6305-BCW / MR-436/99(I) Inclusion of new communities [ BEPARI / BYAPARI MUSLIM, PENCHI ] in the list of OBC.
14th September, 2010 910/JS(1)/BCW Ensuring monthly disbursement of Old-age Pension.
3rd September, 2010 5072-BCW/SC/O/Estt./5E-04/2009 Change of Drawing and Disbursing Officer and Controlling Officer in respect of Inspectors, Backward Classes Welfare, posted in different Sub-Divisions and Blocks in West Bengal.
31st August, 2010 5045-BCW/MR-436/99(I) Inclusion of new communities [ DARJI / OSTAGAR / IDRISHI, RAJMISTRI, BHATIYARA, MOLLA, DHALI (MUSLIM), TAL-PAKHA BENIA, MUSLIM PIYADA, MUSLIM BARUJIBI / BARUI ] in the list of OBC.
15th July, 2010 2530-BCW/5E-21/2010 District wise allocation of posts of new BCW, Inspectors on contract.
14th July, 2010 2517-BCW/5E-21/2010 Creation of 341 New Post of Inspector BCW on Contract
1st July, 2010 2317-BCW/MR-436/99 Inclusion of new communities [ Nehariya, Muslim Haldar, Siuli (Muslim), Muslim Mandal, Muslim Sanpui/Sapui, Muslim Biswas, Muslim Mali, Ghosi ] in the list of OBC.
21st June, 2010 2172-BCW/6M-02/2010 Thakur Harichand Guruchand Award
2nd June, 2010 1929-BCW/MR-436/99(I) Inclusion of new communities (Midde, Mallick, Kalander, Laskar, Baidya Muslim, Jamadar, Chutor Mistri, Dafadar, Mal Muslim, Majhi/Patni Muslim, Muchi/Chamar Muslim) in the list of OBC.
14th May, 2010 1639-BCW/MR-436/1999 Inclusion of new communities (Tutia, Gayen, Bhatia Muslim) in the list of OBC.
30th April, 2010 1464–BCW/MR–59/10 Guidelines for issuance of OBC Certificate
30th April, 2010 1465–BCW/MR–67/10 Guidelines for issuance of SC / ST Certificate
28th April, 2010 1432-BCW/6M(MC)-31/08 Sanction of fund to meet up expenditure for procurement one desktop computer with other computer accessories and also for computerization of all pending SC/ST/OBC certificate cases.
26th April, 2010 1403-BCW/MR-436/99(I) Inclusion of new communities (Nikari, Mahaldar, Dhukre, Basni/Bosni, Abdal, Kan) in the list of OBC.
12th March, 2010 899-BCW/MR-42-10 Order for introducing 'Online Application' for issuance of Certificate for the Other Backward Classes.
8th March, 2010 823-BCW Amendment of Rules for introduction of online service regarding issuance of Caste Certificates.
5th March, 2010 771-BCW/MR-436/1999 Inclusion of new communities [CHASATTI (chasa), BELDAR MUSLIM, KHOTTA MUSLIM, SARDAR) in the list of OBC.
1st March, 2010 725(Sanction)/P/SC/6M (MC)-1/05 Sanction of fund under 1st Proviso to Art.275(1) of the Constitution for 2009-10
1st March, 2010 724(Sanction)/P/SC/6M (MC)-1/05 Sanction of fund under 1st Proviso to Art.275(1) of the Constitution for 2008-09
23rd Feb, 2010 631-BCW/5S-01/2007 Enhancement of Hostel Charges.
23rd Feb, 2010 711(Sanction)/P/SC/6M(MC)-31/08 Release of Rs. 21,00,000/- (Rupees Twenty One Lakh) only
23rd Feb, 2010 643-BCW/6S-27/2008 Construction of a District Level Screening Committee (DLSC) for screening the nomination for "RASTRIYA JANA JATIYA PURASKAR"
16th Feb, 2010 702(Sanction)/P/SC/CD(MC)-22/02(II)A Sanction of expenditure for construction of IT-enabled Common Facility Centres (CFC) in remote ST concentrated areas in the State of West Bengal under 1st Provision of Art.275(I) of the Construction for 2008-2009
12th Feb, 2010 504-BCW Order providing computer infrastructure to Sub-divisional Officers for BCW works.
22nd Jan, 2010 82-L The West Bengal Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of vacancies in Services and Posts) (Amendment) Act, 2009
15th January, 2010 186-BCW/8P-03/2010 Appointment of Shri Shyamal Kumar Mondal, WBCS (Exe), to the post of Project Officer-cum-District Welfare Officer, Backward Classes Welfare, Bankura.
4th December, 2009 5021(85)-BCW/MR-202/2009 Clarification of OBC Certificates by State Scruting Committee and Vigilance Cell of the Districts.
10th Dec, 2001 4845-BCW/MR-62/2001 Clarification on OBC Certificate on Migrated Persons
31st July, 2009 3529-BCW/MR-132/2000 Regarding OBC Certificate for persons migrated to this State before 1993
29th July, 2009 3521(67)-BCW/6M(MC)-31/08 Letter to SDO's on Web based computerisation of SC/ST/OBC Certificates
27th July, 2009 434 (20)/JS/BCW/6S-68/2004 Guidelines for drawing proposals for Central Hostel
    Certificate for Other Backward Classes
30th June, 2009 238-CS/2009 Authorising S.D.O.'s to monitor and supervise development works executed by B.C.W. Department
15th June, 2009 223(18)-CS/2009 D.O. Letter from Chief Secretary to District Magistrate on Issuance of Caste Certificate
3rd June, 2009 1823-BCW/MR-63/2009 Memorandum
20th May, 2009 1518 - BCW Modification in the ceiling in respect of "creamy layer" amongst other backward classes.
19th May, 2009 1504-BCW/MR-61/09 Order
18th May, 2009 1497-BCW/MR-53/08 Notification
20th February, 2009 485-BCW-MRD-436/99 Notification
19th February, 2009 701(Sanction)/P/SC/6M (MC)-5/2006(I) Sanction of Fund under 1st Provision to Art.275 (1) of the Constitution for 2008-09
16th December, 2008 3361(110)-BCW/MR-103/1994 Instruction for issue of Other Backward Classes Certificates to the castes declared as such in/under the Central Lists but are not included in the State List of OBC's.
4th December 2009 3230-BCW / MR- 436/99 Notification : Addition in list for Backward Class
10th November 2008 3005(18)–BCW / MR- 221 / 08 Regarding issuance of Caste Certificates to the District Magistrate
27th December, 2007 4097 (67) – BCW / MR – 172 / 2007 Guidelines regarding issue of SC, ST and OBC Certificates to the Sub-Divisional Officer
14th August, 2007 2350-BCW/MR-92/2007 Reservation Notification
New Delhi,
8th September, 2006
36028/2/2006-Estt.(Res.) Clarification of Creamy layer amongst OBCs- regarding.
25-08-2004 2900-BCW/6S-67/2004 Guidelines regarding setting up of Feeder Schools
New Delhi,
14th October, 2004
36033/5/2004 - Estt. (Res.) Clarifications regarding creamy layer amongst OBCs.
New Delhi, 8th September, 2003 12011/1/2002-BCC Income criteria for determining ‘Creamy Layer’ amongst OBCs and clubbing of income from salary or agricultural land for the purpose of calculation of annual income for issue of OBC certificate – regarding.
Kolkata, the 13th February, 2003 544-BCW/MR-302-97 Reservation in admission to Educational Institution for the OBC
14th October, 1996 532-TW/EC/MR-177/96 Order and Notification :: West Bengal SC and ST (Identification) Rules, 1995
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